4 Ways You can Manage your Physical and Mental Health during the CoronaVirus Outbreak

Are you afraid of getting infected with the CoronaVirus?

Thinking too much about what’s been going on with COVID-19 today, this can be anxiety-inducing to some and there is so much fear in the world that it is trending right now. 

A lot of people have lost lives because of said virus.

Every time we go watch television, social media, checking our emails, blogs from different websites which are popular or non-popular or simply just going to google, it’s always about the CoronaVirus!
Some companies have lost a lot of revenue because of it and some companies have also gained a lot of sales because of the situation as well! Just look at all the people panic buying toilet paper, alcohol and hand sanitizers right now!
Their sales have skyrocketed because some of them have taken advantage of the situation along with marketing sales-boosting campaigns.
As a result, a lot of people are very scared, very afraid and we are here to tell that there is nothing to be afraid of and here’s why:

Different persons will react differently depending on the situation be it in their attitude or how strong their immune systems are. For the immune system, this can have an age variance from children, teens, adults and the elderly.

With respect to our attitude though, how do we react to these kinds of situations? Especially with COVID-19?

It’s all in the mindset really and what we can do right now is to be mindful of the situation, stay calm and be positive as always.
All negative emotions like panic, fear, anger, worry, and sadness, depression can actually affect our immune system. And not only that, negative emotions like these are also contagious.

Imagine someone staying calm with the situation and then they come into contact with another person that is worrying so much and giving off a number of reasons on why they should worry about the CoronaVirus.
So instead, as a domino effect, the other person worries too which is not good. So what are the ways we can do instead of panicking about the current situation?

Here are 4 ways we can manage our physical and mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak.


We can use exercise as a means of an outlet instead of us worrying and panicking about the current situation about the CoronaVirus. 

Exercise has numerous advantages, for your physical wellbeing as well as your emotional wellness. This will distract us from anxiety and worries.

In your mind, exercise invigorates chemicals that improve your mood and other parts of your brain liable for memory and learning. 

Taking a few exercises here and there after reading or watching too much news about the CoronaVirus can probably make us feel better.

Of course, this doesn't directly solve our problems or even relieve us from the stress caused by what’s been going on but it most likely helps us unwind at least, and keep up a sensible measure of your mental health for the day.

Changes in your lifestyle can accept a particular significance in people with mental illness.

Research also shows that intense activities such as cardio-related exercise or maybe playtime, especially when shifted back and forth from moderate to extreme, can have advantages to physical and emotional wellness.

How to know if your mental and physical health does improve is clearly based on your exercising routine depends on your awareness, your goals for creating such a routine, the exact measurement of your exercise routine, and other more factors like doing yoga or the amount of oxygen that you are breathing or maybe even the time when you stopped doing vices (smoking, drinking, etc.).

It is also smart to keep your exercising routine and your sleeping separate as this may interrupt your sleep cycle which is also very vital for mental health as well.

Important to note as well as to not exercise when you are really stressed or when you are about to sleep as this can raise aggression instead.

Doing some yoga or simply just relaxing is enough if this is the case. Speaking of sleep though...


Getting Enough Sleep

I cannot stress enough how this is very important. If you're feeling down or just not having that energy you need to have a fighting chance against CoVID-19, not having enough sleep can also be risky. 

If you don’t get at least 7 hours of required sleep, it can not only affect your immune system but also your mental health as well. 

It has been discovered that people with insomnia have a lower immune system and a higher chance of being depressed.


Eat Healthy Meals 

What else can we do to boost our immune system aside from exercise when it comes to battling the CoronaVirus? We should always know about the food we eat and how it affects our bodies. 

People who have unhealthy eating habits had more likely symptoms of mental and physical health problems.

A change of meals and nutrition can be a good addition to usual psychiatric therapy. 

This also comes much cheaper than going to the psychiatrist and one of the best ways for you to practice caring for your physical and mental health.

One of the popular diet methods is The Mediterranean Diet where you eat more vegetables, fish grains and nuts and less on eating meat. 

This diet can help in controlling blood sugar which could in turn help with your mental health.


Keep Yourself Hydrated! Drink Lots of Water!

Not drinking enough water in one day can definitely affect someone’s mood. Doing this often tends to also affect your mental health as well. 

Nearly half of our bodies are composed of water and that it is a factor we must consider if we want to improve upon our mental health. 

Being dehydrated lowers the blood flow in parts of our bodies which also leads to lower the amount of oxygen that is traveling to our body. 

This includes our heart and brain. It is advised that we need to be taking at least 6 to 8 glasses a day.

Dehydration very quickly affects how we feel and think. If you, like me, struggle with a mood disorder or have other struggles with how your brain functions and processes, why make it harder for yourself?

Drinking water regularly throughout the day is an easy, effective step to take in our efforts to be as mentally healthy as possible.